"I will build my church" - Jesus (Matt. 16:18)

If there's one thing that 25+ years of ministry experience has taught's that there is a lot more to building a thriving ministry than just showing up on Sunday. We recognize that it takes the right strategies, combined with the right people, working together in the right way, to accomplish the work of the Lord.

Too often leaders feel overwhelmed with the myriad of challenges confronting them. You have a vision, but it seems you need another set of capable hands on the plow. You need that little extra boost to get over the hump. 

What is hindering the growth that the Lord is trying to give? Does your worship team need coaching? Does your youth leader need a mentor? Do you feel stuck in your leadership and need a strategy for growth? Do you have a new church plant on your heart, but don't know where to start?... Contact us today to schedule a conversation to talk about how we can help!

  • Consulting

    We walk with leaders through the process of change and growth as they pursue the implementation of God-given vision and strategy - providing outside perspective, timely questions, and Spirit-led expertise to make the building of your dream move faster and avoid potential potholes along the way.

  • Mentoring

    We walk church planters through the envisioning, planning, and launch process to help them navigate the multiple priorities and challenges it presents. Our focus is to help the planter and their family to stay healthy (spiritually, emotionally, financially...) while birthing a healthy, life-giving, reproducing church.

  • Worship Team Coaching

    Years ago, God spoke to us to "raise the level of worship." We have spent the last 20+ years, in the US and Europe, effectively pursuing that goal in our work with teams and churches. We can assess, coach, train, and demonstrate how your people can move to a new level in the glory of God. It's time to move up higher - let us help!

  • Tech-Spertise

    Let our experience of over 25 years working with sound, media, and web in a variety of local, regional, and international ministries work for you! We can help you assess, plan, and implement your most needed technology improvements.