Pray - it makes amazing things possible!

We know that nothing is possible unless someone prays. But if people pray - the sky's the limit! Here are some current prayer needs:

-WE ARE MOVING!! The Lord has opened a door for us to move to Tulsa. We will be heading that direction around the first week of August. We're trusting God to help us find the right house at the right price, and to give us favor with the sellers - as well as making the entire process flow smoothly.

-Before we left Germany, it was prophesied that we'd have a season of itinerant ministry. That time is NOW! As we launch into this new phase of ministry, we are trusting God for strategic connections with those who need our help and input. Please be agreeing with us for timely contacts and favor, so we can deliver the eternal resources that we carry.

-We can always use prayer for our marriage, our family, our finances, and our health!