HELping you move forward

We believe the Church has a bright future! That is why we have given our lives, for the past 25 years, to help believers, leaders and churches to step into the next phase of their divine destiny. 

How can we help YOU?

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  • Courage for the next step

    Sean and Kirsten are teachers who deliver a timely Word with passion, grace and humor - to build your confidence in God, help you recognize His design for your life and equip you to step boldly into your future. You can find a sampling of our teaching on our media page.  

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  • Church PlanTing Training

    Every living thing has been created with the capacity to reproduce - and that includes your church! We would love to help you fulfill your mandate as a leader in the Body of Christ and maximize your church's health, maturity and fruitfulness.

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  • Consultation And mentoring

    Sean and Kirsten have a heart to help leaders by sharing their wisdom from over two decades of serving in growing and multiplying churches. They can help you recognize and implement the changes God is calling you to make to go to the next level. We'd love to hear more about you and your specific situation.

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We can do more together!

You can be a part of Pure Flow Ministries! As God sends us around the world, He calls others to join us on our mission through prayer and giving. You and your partnership matter to God and to us! How can you help?

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