activate your unique POtential

You have greatness inside you!

You were born at a God-chosen time for a God-given purpose. 

Our passion is to equip you to fulfill your divine destiny!

insights backed by 30 years of ministry experience.

inspired by a passion for what works now.

  • Teaching

    The Lord uses us to deliver the word you need for the change He is trying to work in your life, family, and church. Others describe our ministry as delivering refreshingly unique perspectives, filled with wisdom, grace, and humor. Check out a sample on our media page.  

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  • Training

    As Master Trainers with DCPI, we can help you on your way to maximizing your new or existing Kingdom work, while connecting you with others like you who yearn to build something great for God. (You're not crazy! That's called God-sized vision!)

    Look on the Church Planting page for more info!

  • Consulting

    Sometimes we just need to get an extra set of eyes and ears on our problems to provide an outside perspective. We need someone who understands our values, believes in our ability, and has the experience to help us move forward. 

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Help us Water the full potential of the church!

God calls some to go, some to give, and some to pray. Whatever your role in His plan, you and your partnership matter to us! 

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