Accelerate Your Life's Mission

You were born on purpose. Whether you realize it or not, God has placed you on this planet to make history - by partnering with Him in His great plan to redeem humanity. You have been selected for a mission that only you can complete, something your neighbors desperately need you to recognize, understand, and fulfill. And the coolest part of this whole thing is that, because God loves you so much, He has uniquely fashioned you for your destiny, right down to the deepest desires and biggest dreams in your heart. Let us help you discover and move forward in the plan of God for your life! What we were made to do is help you accelerate your life's mission!

  • Teaching

    Once you see it, you can be it! Sean and Kirsten bring revelation that leads to breakthrough, combining scriptural truth with passion, grace and humor. You can find a sampling on our media page.  

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  • Training

    Greater vision becomes reality through the mastery of new skills. We can help you fulfill your mandate as a leader in the Body of Christ and maximize your church's health, maturity, and fruitfulness through a variety of focused trainings.

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  • The NExt Step

    Let us help you recognize and implement the changes God is calling you to make to go to the next level. We'd love to hear more about you and your specific situation.

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We can do more together!

You can be a part of the Pure Flow Ministries team! As God sends us around the world, He calls others to join us on our mission through prayer, giving and serving. You and your partnership matter to God and to us! 

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